19 Feb 2021
Does your home office need electrical maintenance? Contact a licensed electrical contractor in Bardon and surrounds (Alderley, Ashgrove, Newmarket, Paddington, The Gap) like Allyn White Electrical for all of your electrical problems.

Regular electrical maintenance is important in preventing potential accidents or incidents, the safety of your family and the public, but it can also improve the energy efficiency of your premises and help you save on your commercial power bills. This goes beyond the standard tag and test requirements which is generally done on an annual basis.

Whilst having a regular electrical maintenance schedule is likely the best option, it’s also helpful to be made aware of the top signs that your home office needs professional electrical maintenance. Below we’ve listed the top 4 indicators that imply you should contact a licensed electrician in Brisbane for maintenance work.

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10 Feb 2021
How to save money in Brisbane by switching to LED lights?

With the ever-increasing expense of just keeping a household running, we know that many families are on the lookout for ways to save money. Did you know that your home lighting can account for up to 30% of your power bill? Making smart choices with what type of lighting you use can make a noticeable impact on your energy costs. We recommend switching to LED downlights as a way to minimise electricity use and keep those bills down.

If you’re searching for a the best electrician in Brisbane area and surrounds (Alderley, Ashgrove, Bardon, Stafford, Paddington, The Gap), look no further than Allyn White Electrical.

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28 Jan 2021

Safety Switches – Prevent potential electric shocks. Ensure that you have sufficient safety switch protection for your home or office.

Regardless of whether you own or rent, you should consider having safety switches installed on all circuits.

Safety switches protect you, your family and anyone visiting the property from electric shock.

The risk is real. One safety switch may not be enough.

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30 Dec 2020
A brand new kitchen can effortlessly blend comfort, beauty and convenience, and it can help to create the perfect sanctuary where the family can congregate … any time of the day! Here are our top 5 reasons to renovate your kitchen.

1. A New Kitchen Encourages Homemade Meals

One of the biggest trends in family lifestyle is the move towards more home-cooked healthier meals in Australia. Increased counter space, new appliances and a brand-new feel to a kitchen encourage more people to stay home and cook rather than eating out. Providing a space where children feel like cooking and helping in the kitchen is also a significant benefit for a renovation.

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23 Dec 2020
Merry Christmas from Allyn White Electrical!
To our valued customers,
Hard to believe that 2020 is quickly coming to an end. We have received so much love and support this year and we really want to take the time to say thank you, to you, our valued customers. Without you, it wouldn’t have been possible!
We wish you a relaxing and happy time with your family and loved ones this Christmas—and all the very best for the coming year.
Warm regards,
For any after-hours emergency electrical in Bardon, Brisbane, contact Allyn White Electrical on 0416 235 641.


10 Dec 2020
A hand holding an LED light bulb. If you need help with LED lightning and installation in Alderley, Ashgrove, Paddington, and Bardon, contact Allyn White Electrical now!

LED lighting technology has developed at a staggering pace over the last several years. Products that were deemed cutting-edge a few years ago have been superseded by others that are superior in every way.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the realm of LED downlights.

These lights offer a stylish, unobtrusive alternative to traditional halogen spotlights, and they can be used for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications.

If you’ve not considered switching to LED downlights before, read on to find out why you should.

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24 Dec 2016

Merry-xmas-christmas-happy-holidaysWishing our customers, your families and friends a very merry Christmas. We look forward to looking after you again in 2017.

Stay safe during the festive season, test your safety switch and smoke detectors when setting up your Christmas lights.

Always turn off the power when putting up your Christmas lights or changing light bulbs and turn them off before going to bed or leaving your home.

Only purchase lights that are Australian safety compliant. Look for an approval number or the regulatory compliance mark logo, and always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety warnings.

Living in the Sunshine state we know that with the heat we often can get storms or flooding. Be electrical safe during our summer storm season. Here are a few preparation tips.

  • Ensure your surge protector is installed and connected correctly to protect your electronic devices; (for example, your computer, TV, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator.)
  • Install a safety switch and test regularly
  • Know where to turn off your power, gas and water supply in case of an emergency.
  • Pack up electrical equipment that is not in use and store in a safe place.
  • Unplug outside TV’s and store in a dry area.
  • Switch off and unplug electrical equipment.
  • If you experience loss of power, turn off your power points and unplug electrical equipment.
  • Do not use a fixed telephone (landline) during a thunderstorm, it can deliver an electric shock.
  • What to consider when cleaning up after a storm.
  • Stay away from any fallen power-lines.
  • Stay clear of electrical cables, foil insulation or other conductive material that may be lying around your home.
  • If you have lost power, contact ENERGEX they will be able to let you know when power will be restored.
  • Do not touch a damaged switchboard and warn others to do the same. Always use a licensed electrical contractor to do all your electrical work and repairs as it is illegal and dangerous to attempt doing your own electrical work. Call your electrician.
  • If your home or connection is damaged by a storm or flood, you may need verification tests to be carried out on your switchboard, wiring, equipment, and appliances to ensure the electrical circuits are still safe. Only a licensed electrical contractor can perform this for you to ensure that ENERGEX can then reconnect your service.

We are here to help. If you have any questions or would like to book us in for your next electrical project in 2017, give us a call or send us an email request.

Merry Christmas!