04 Jul 2024

Lighting can make or break a room’s design and mood. Upgrade your space by choosing the right fixtures, bulbs, and switches. Refresh outdated or inefficient lighting with these practical ideas on selecting and updating your lighting setup.

Mix up your fixtures for Visual interest

Use these lighting ideas to brighten rooms, save energy, and give your home an entirely new look. Don’t let your room look bland by using fixtures of the same size, avoid a one-size fits all approach to lighting. Mix chandeliers, lamps, and sconces to create interest. For a standout focal point, try a chandelier in large spaces like your bedroom, dining room, or family room.

Add Visual Pop with Varied Fixture Sizes

Finding the right balance in your lighting fixtures is crucial. They should neither dominate the room nor disappear into the background. Properly scaled lighting creates a harmonious look. For example, larger rooms benefit from more substantial fixtures like chandeliers, while smaller spaces are best served by more modest lighting. Aim for a fixture size that complements the room’s proportions for a cohesive and stylish effect.

Layer Lighting for Balance

Achieving balanced lighting is all about layering. Combine different types of lighting—ambient, task, and accent—to create depth and interest in every room, even in smaller areas like powder rooms or hallways. Each layer plays a role: ambient lighting sets the overall tone, task lighting focuses on specific areas, and accent lighting highlights unique features or décor. Don’t overlook the accent layer, as it enhances the finer details and adds a polished touch to your space.

Use Dimmers to Set the Mood 

Dimmers are a game-changer for lighting, allowing you to easily adjust the atmosphere of any room and save on energy costs. Install dimmer switches wherever possible to gain better control over your lighting. They let you seamlessly transition between different moods and balance natural and artificial light effortlessly.

Get Creative with Lighting

Lighting goes beyond standard overhead fixtures and table lamps. Think outside the box by adding functional yet artistic lighting to give your home a unique glow and personal touch. Some creative ideas include hanging a pendant light beside your bed, accentuating a bookshelf with LED strip lights to showcase art, and spotlighting plants by placing a hidden light near the base to illuminate the foliage. These unexpected touches can add charm and individuality to any space.

Take Control with Lighting Apps

Smartphone apps make managing your home’s lighting a breeze. Turn off forgotten lights, create schedules, or brighten your home before you arrive—all from your phone. These apps offer preset modes like “dinner party” or “wake-up time” for effortless ambiance control.

Switch to Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Upgrade frequently used light bulbs, like those in your kitchen or entryway, to energy-efficient LED models. Energy Star-labelled bulbs significantly reduce energy costs, lower overall usage, and emit less heat. Look for these bulbs to save money and contribute to better energy conservation in your home.

Update Your Ceiling Fan

Is it time to upgrade your ceiling fan? Consider newer models with energy-efficient motors that run cooler and quieter than older ones. Modern designs come in various colours and styles to match any decor, making it easy to enhance both comfort and aesthetics in your home.

Upgrade Your Outdated Lighting Fixtures

Transform your space by replacing outdated lighting fixtures with modern, energy-efficient models. Newer options not only reduce energy consumption and utility bills but also bring a fresh, contemporary look to your home. Updating old light fittings and flush-mount lights can instantly rejuvenate your space and enhance its overall appeal.

Upgrade Your Light Switch

Consider replacing your old light switch with a modern option that enhances bulb performance. Wireless switches, often controlled by remotes, allow you to adjust lighting from anywhere in your home. This convenient solution is perfect for bedrooms, allowing you to manage lighting without leaving your bed, ensuring comfort and ease.

Optimise Your Dining Room Chandelier

Enhance your dining room’s ambiance with a well-placed chandelier. A key tip for achieving a stunning look is to ensure the chandelier hangs at an appropriate height above your table. This creates a balanced and inviting atmosphere, making your dining area both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Enhance Outdoor Security with Lighting

While beautiful lighting enhances your home’s appeal, ensuring safety and convenience with outdoor fixtures is crucial. Illuminate dark entrances such as side doors or garage areas with sconces or coordinated lighting sets. This not only prevents fumbling for keys but also enhances your home’s security.

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