23 Feb 2024
Lighting Solutions for Transforming Your Home

The selection of lighting can significantly influence the design of a room. Elevate your space by replacing outdated or inefficient lights with our expert advice on selecting and modernising fixtures, bulbs, and switches for your home. Here are some practical lighting ideas that not only enhance your interior design but also help conserve energy, reduce your power bill, and rejuvenate your home’s atmosphere—all while being budget-friendly.

Selecting a lighting focal point 

Not every light fixture, whether it be a chandelier, lamp, or sconce, should share identical sizes. Otherwise, the viewer’s gaze struggles to find distinct visual elements to focus on. A chandelier can serve as a striking focal point in spacious areas like dining rooms, family rooms, or bedrooms.

Consider Scale in light fixture selection!  

Achieving a harmonious balance in room lighting is essential, avoiding both overpowering brightness and insufficient illumination. Scale plays a pivotal role in choosing suitable light fixtures for your home. It’s advisable to measure your room and consult with your electrician to ensure a well-planned overall design for your space.

Balanced Lighting through Layering

Incorporating layers is crucial in effective lighting design. Strive for a minimum of three light sources in each area, even in smaller spaces like bathrooms or hallways. Adjust bulb wattage and fixture size accordingly to suit the room’s dimensions. Additionally, emphasise accent layers to showcase and enhance the finer details that contribute to the overall aesthetics of your space.

Use Dimmers Controls Wherever Feasible

Dimmer switches have the power to swiftly alter the ambiance of a room while also aiding in saving power usage.. Enhance your control over lighting by incorporating dimmer switches throughout various rooms and fixtures in your home. Harness dimmers to adjust the atmosphere and harmonise artificial illumination with natural light sources.

Explore Unconventional ways to use Lighting! 

Lighting extends beyond just overhead fixtures. In addition to providing functional task lighting, you can employ targeted illumination to impart an unexpected warmth and personalised charm to your home. Among our customers preferred lighting concepts are suspending a pendant near a bedside or accentuating a bookshelf with miniature lights to showcase artwork or other displayed items. Another option is to illuminate a plant by discreetly placing a small spotlight next to a sizable container and angling it upward at approximately a 45-degree angle towards the foliage.

Download a Lighting Control App 

Imagine you’re relaxing on the couch, engrossed in a TV show, and realise you left an upstairs light on. Or perhaps you’re preparing for a holiday and want to ensure your home doesn’t appear unoccupied. Alternatively, you might wish to illuminate your living room before arriving home from work to avoid stepping into darkness. Thanks to user-friendly smartphone apps that are available today, you can effortlessly manage your home’s lighting. These apps often offer customisable settings, enabling you to set your lights to specific modes like “dinner party” or “wake-up time” with just a simple tap of a button.

Replace Frequently Used Light bulbs!

Think about replacing bulbs in frequently used fixtures, like those in your kitchen or entryway, with energy-efficient LED bulbs. Opting for LED bulbs can greatly enhance your home’s energy efficiency. Not only do they help you save significantly on energy costs per bulb, but they also reduce overall energy consumption and produce less heat, leading to savings on your power bill.

Update Your Ceiling Fan

Have you considered when you last upgraded your ceiling fan? If it’s been a while, now might be the perfect opportunity for an update. Modern ceiling fan motors consume significantly less energy and run cooler compared to older models. Many newer fans operate quietly and are available in a variety of stylish designs to complement your home decor.

Updating your outdated light fixtures

Lighting manufacturers have simplified the process of swapping out energy-consuming fixtures and bulbs with longer-lasting LED alternatives, helping to reduce your power bill. Outdated lighting fixtures can swiftly age a room. By replacing old chandeliers and flush-mount lights with contemporary fittings, you can refresh your home’s appearance and elevate its style without undertaking expensive renovations.

Updating your Light Switch

Modern bulbs are more compatible with updated switches. Wireless alternatives, often operated via remotes, offer the convenience of controlling lights from any location within a room or even throughout the house. Utilising a remote-controlled lighting system is particularly advantageous for enhancing bedroom lighting. Once comfortably settled in bed, you can effortlessly adjust or turn off the lights without needing to get up.

Verify the Height of Your Dining Room Chandelier

What’s the key to a stunning dining room? To enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space, remember this lighting guideline: typically, the bottom of a chandelier should hang approximately 1 metre from the top of your dining table.

Always work with a professional!

To ensure that your lighting and ceiling fans are properly installed, always hire a licensed electrician. Our popular lighting and ceiling fans installation services include supply and install or install only as well as servicing, repairs, and advice.

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