03 Jun 2021
Electrical Upgrades For Your Bathroom Remodel | Allyn White Electrical
Renovating specific rooms in your home improves their functionality and increases your home’s value. The bathroom is one of the most common rooms homeowners remodel as it is one of the most used rooms in the house. Remodelling your bathroom is not only about purchasing new and more modern appliances, but also about upgrading the wiring or other electrical issues you might have. Here are some electrical upgrades for your bathroom remodel you need to know!

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As you know, water and electricity don’t mix well and can be dangerous. There are strict regulations around the location of power points, switches, and lights within a wet area like a bathroom. It’s important to be aware of these regulations to ensure your plans are compliant.

Why Do You Need A Professional Electrician For Your Bathroom Remodelling?

A bathroom renovation means improving its functionality which means upgrading some of the bathroom appliances such as heaters and other electrical fixtures. If you are installing new appliances in your bathroom during a renovation project, work with a professional electrician to install and set them up. Luxury bathroom renovations should still eschew electrical features to save you from any undesirable problems in the future.

When it comes to renovating your bathroom, don’t attempt to do any DIY electrical work. Electricity and water do not mix well. All electrical work always needs to be done by a licensed electrician.

There are many risks involved in working with electricity which is why a licensed electrician is qualified and insured to do the work. They also have the necessary skills and tools to do the job correctly.

Electrical Upgrades For Your Bathroom Remodel

Install Power Points Around Hand Basin And Vanities

Installing power points next to the vanity requires strict safety standards to be adhered to. Power points near water supplies are dangerous and Australian wiring rules must be followed by electricians for safety when power points are installed in the bathroom. Your electrician will know the standards and will ensure that the power points are installed at a safe distance from taps and water sources.

Improve The Lighting

There are a lot of bathroom lighting opportunities when it comes to your bathroom renovation beyond your conventional ceiling mounted light. Adding dimmer switches is a great option, as it enables you to choose the level of light you want.

You can keep it bright in the mornings and dim it down when you want a relaxing bath. Consider some in-mirror lights if you like doing your make up in the bathroom. Add a few heat lamps to keep your bathroom toasty in the wintertime. If you’re feeling fancy, maybe add a chandelier for an extra touch of class?

Install Some Discreet Outlets

You won’t want to be running extension cables into your bathroom. Consider installing some bathroom-safe and discreet outlets from which you can run some appliances like your shaver, hairdryer or straightener. In this case, it’s absolutely vital to contract a licensed electrician to make sure your outlets are safe to use.

Upgrade The Service Panel

Upgrading your bathroom appliances also means you need to upgrade your service panel because higher chances are, the older service panel will not accommodate new appliances and devices. If not, ensure you check the electrical inputs of an appliance before buying to determine if your existing service panel can handle it.

Update Old Or Outdated Wiring

A bathroom remodel is an excellent time to update old wiring and save money on future electrical projects.

If your house has had the same outdated electrical system for many years, contact a professional electrician to discover your options. Often you can integrate an upgraded service panel and rewire it into your current project. You subsequently won’t have to worry about safety hazards or an electrical issue later on that might ruin the experience of an impressive new bathroom you just built.

Hire a Licensed Electrician in Brisbane

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If you need electrical help when remodelling your bathroom, contact Allyn White Electrical today. With over 45 years of experience in all aspects of domestic, industrial, commercial and emergency electrical work, Allyn will be able to assist with your electrical problems in Brisbane.

For a free quote by a licensed electrician call 0416 235 641 or simply complete the online enquiry form and we will call and arrange to quote your switchboard and electrical requirements. Our charge out rate remains the same during the week, weekends and after hours, so don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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