19 Apr 2024

Ensuring the safety of your electrical equipment is key to protecting your family and loved ones. 

From everyday appliances to hard-wired systems (these include both plug-in appliances like washing machines, hair dryers, TVs, or power tools, as well as hard-wired equipment like hot water systems and air-conditioning units), here are some tips to keep in mind.


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Online Shopping Safety:  

Buying online is convenient, but it’s essential to ensure that the products meet required Australian safety standards.

Here is one simple step you can take to ensure the electrical products you buy online are safe.

Look for the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) on the product or its packaging. This mark guarantees that the item is safe to use in Australia. 

RCM symbol

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Check for Compliance

Always verify if electrical equipment and fittings bear the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) symbol indicating that the product has been tested and is compliant with Australian Standards.

Non-compliant products can pose risks of electric shock, fire, injury, or death. Be cautious when purchasing from overseas sellers, as they do not adhere to Australian Safety Standards or have information about how to use them safely.

Visit eess.gov.au to see if your appliances and equipment are compliant.

Pre- Use Inspection

Before plugging in your appliances, conduct a thorough inspection. Look for broken casings, cracked covers, changes in colour indicating overheating or moisture damage, frayed leads, or damaged plugs or damaged extension leads, which can pose hazards such as fire or electric shock. 

Electrical Safety First

Ensuring electrical safety in the home is essential for protecting people’s well-being. While electrical work should be left to the professionals, it is important for homeowners to use electrical equipment safely and recognise signs of unsafe or failed electrical systems. 

Safety Tips ⚡

  • Use appliances only for their intended purpose, if marked for indoor use only, do not use outdoors.
  • Avoid immersing appliances in water unless designed for such use.
  • Keep hands and body parts including hair away from dangerous moving parts like cutting blades and never use electrical appliances around water as water and electricity do not mix.
  • Discard damaged appliances and ensure children do not play with them.
  • Unplug appliances before cleaning or maintenance and avoid placing extension cords or power outlets in moist areas. 
  • Maintain proper ventilation holes or outlets that are not blocked or partially obstructed.
  • Promptly replace damaged cords or plugs.
  • Install a safety switch and replace damaged power points with new to enhance electrical safety in your home.

By following these tips, you can ensure safe use of electrical equipment in your home. Prioritise safety to prevent risks of accidents and hazards and promote a secure and safe living environment in your home for your family.

Hire a Professional and Licensed Electrician in Brisbane

Looking to upgrade your safety switches and replace damaged power points in your home? Look no further than Allyn White Electrical! With over 45 years’ experience covering everything from domestic to industrial, commercial, and emergency electrical work, we have got you covered. Allyn will be able to help solve your electrical needs and offer practical and effective installation solutions.

Having a Licensed Electrician Inspect Your PowerPoints and access your safety switches requirements is the best way to identify and address potential hazards. 

Allyn White Electrical offers comprehensive electrical services, including inspections, repairs, maintenance and installations;  If you’re unsure of what safety measures you need, enlist the aid of a professional electrician in brisbane. A proper electrician inspection reviews what is required throughout your home. Licensed electricians are knowledgeable in identifying potential dangers including any potential wiring issues,which may seem small and  insignificant but  could become major problems and electrical safety hazards over time.

Contact a Licensed Electrician in Brisbane for Your Home Electrical Maintenance, Repairs and Installations

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Installation, repairs, upgrades, lighting advice for your home and outdoor spaces. No matter what your home renovation plan calls for, you can trust Allyn White.

With over 45 years of experience in all aspects of domestic, industrial, commercial, and emergency electrical work, Allyn will be able to assist with your electrical problems in Brisbane.

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