31 Mar 2021
There is a blackout in Brisbane. What should you do then? Should you call a licensed electrician, or perhaps your electricity company? Read on to find out more or contact Allyn White Electrical now!

Imagine yourself sitting in front of your TV, watching your favourite crime series on Netflix. Suddenly, just when you’re about to find out who the real murderer is, the power goes out. A blackout! What to do then? Should you call an emergency electrician?

Before you start calling your licensed local electrician in Brisbane to help turn the power back on, there are things you need to do to ensure your and your family’s safety.

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There are countless reasons why your home might be experiencing electrical disruption, ranging from small things like a blown fuse to a city-wide blackout. And sometimes, you might even need an emergency electrician to take a look into your situation. Before that, ask yourself this: Should I call an emergency electrician? What is the cause for the blackout?

1. Have You Paid Your Bills?

Before you dive into finding out what is causing the electrical emergency in your home, you need to figure out if your electricity has been disconnected.

Needless to say, if your electricity company has disconnected your power, an emergency electrician won’t be able to do much! If this happens to you, get in contact with your provider and settle your outstanding bill, ASAP!

2. Check for power cuts

When we lose power in our homes, one of the very first things that we do is check if our neighbours have lost theirs too.

Outages in your local area are the responsibility of your electricity company. If your house is the only house that is blacked out, then you probably need to check your breaker. We strongly recommend calling an emergency electrician to investigate and solve your isolated issue.

If you’re not sure whether there’s an outage in your area, you can use online resources to track outages.

3. Blown Fuse

Even a simple broken light bulb or any faulty appliance can blow up a fuse that can result in a power outage. Check your trip switch. If the fuse blew up or the trip switch is in the “off” position, it’s likely because of a faulty appliance or wiring.

4. Electrical Emergencies

Fallen trees, lightning striking, vehicular accidents, fires, vandalism, and even birds or other animals messing with power lines can cause underground power cable damage and fallen power lines. When this happens, there will be a community blackout, and residential electricians need to do repairs.

Tripped Safety Switch

Electricity is dangerous, plain and simple—that’s why all modern homes feature safety switches to protect your family and property.

When a fault or problem is detected in your wiring or a potentially damaging power surge is detected, your safety switch automatically kills the flow of electricity to your house as a safety measure.

This is especially problematic in older homes. Older houses weren’t built with today’s electricity-hungry devices in mind, which can often overload their electric systems. Often, it can necessitate partial or complete home rewiring.

In most cases, it’s a one-off power surge. If your circuit breakers trip again however, you might be dealing with an overloaded circuit, faulty plugs and even broken wiring.

All of these can disrupt your power again in the future—or worse, cause electrical fires!

In these cases, it’s a good idea to call an emergency electrician—faulty plugs, wiring and circuits that are simply under-capacity can’t be fixed by flipping a switch.

When To Call An Electrician During A Power Outage?

It’s pretty hard to miss when your home is suffering from an electrical outage. Engage the services of a licensed electrician when:

• You have a faulty appliance that has caused the power outage
• An appliance feels extremely hot and has a smell of smoke
• Outlets are burnt or charred and have an odour of smoke
• You’re not familiar with fuse boxes or trip switches
• Fuses are blown, or you have a problem with the circuit breaker

Call a Licensed Electrician in Brisbane

For a free quote by a licensed electrician call 0416 235 641 or simply complete the online enquiry form and we will call and arrange to quote your switchboard and electrical requirements. Our charge out rate remains the same during the week, weekends and after hours, so don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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