31 Mar 2023

Some areas in our homes are often overlooked in spaces like hallways. Lighting is key to transforming a space and creating that WOW factor and feel.

While you’re busy configuring the light fixtures and ambience for the rest of your home, here’s a friendly design reminder: Don’t neglect your hallway space. While some may dismiss the hallway as a space that’s simply meant for walking through, it’s so much more as it often serves as the first impression of your home so give it a focal point on entry.

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When looking at your hallway design, you shouldn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Just like for the other spaces in your home, there are three types of lighting to consider when lighting a hallway. The first is the ambient lighting. This is the overall light that allows you to use the space, and it functions as good daylight would.

Next comes task lighting. This is the illumination that allows you to perform specific actions. If we were talking kitchens, this might be chopping and mixing; in the living room, it could be reading or sewing, for example. In the hall? If it’s big enough, you might have a desk area in which to work, but even in a small hall, you might need concentrated light to check if you have your car keys or tie your shoelaces before leaving your home. 

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Finally, there’s a feature or accent lighting. This draws attention to a particular aspect of the space. When lighting a hallway that focus could be artwork on the wall, a mirror, or perhaps a piece of furniture. However, it could also be used to wash light over a wall, for example, to create a decorative effect that adds interest to the space.

Top 5 key things to consider for your hallway lighting design.

1. Review the height of your ceiling before you buy

If your hall has a high ceiling, go for suspended lights or a chandelier – traditional or modern – to introduce a focal point in the space. Recessed ceiling lights can be a good solution if the height of the hall isn’t generous, as can scaled-down downlights.

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2. Create a focal point with hallway lighting

Let your hallway lighting do the talking with a simple design that catches the eye. A clear shade that shows off the bulbs won’t look obtrusive in a small or narrow hallway. As there is often little room for furniture, hallways can be rather drab. Interesting light fittings are a great way to add interest and set the tone for the rest of your design.

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An oversize pendant will add a decorative flourish without compromising the space. If you have space for a small console table, a table lamp adds a note of warmth and inviting welcome to your home.

3. Choose different light sources to serve different purposes

When it comes to lighting a hallway it’s important to think about the atmosphere you’re looking to create. You may want a top light for practical, day-to-day use and a table lamp for a warmer, more atmospheric feel when your guests, family and friends come over. The combination of both within a space allows for versatility while adding interest and texture.

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The hallway is the entrance to your home, so it’s vital to create a warm, inviting feel the minute you step through the door. To avoid a gloomy, dark corridor ensure your lighting comes from several sources. A pendant hung at the beginning of the hallway will only throw light down onto that section, so consider the addition of wall lights to create a pool of light running along the corridor.

4. Use wall lighting to illuminate specific space

This is one of the best hall lighting ideas for those blessed with a bigger hallway! In addition to adding a touch of sophistication, wall lighting is a great option if you need to illuminate a specific space – perhaps a coat storage unit or console or hallway table. As well as serving a practical purpose, they are a nice alternative if you want to create a statement look but don’t have a high enough ceiling for a chandelier or pendant lighting.

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5. Keep it subtle

For a more subtle glow for small spaces, consider a wall light (these can be installed with or without a dimmer switch) as the wall light will cast light downward giving your hallway space a cozy feeling.

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