10 Jan 2024

Safety always comes first, especially when it comes to electricity. Don’t wait for signs of trouble—take proactive measures by scheduling a New Year electrical safety inspection checkup for your home.

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Why an Electrical Inspection is Crucial:

Even if your electrical system appears problem-free, unseen issues can escalate into major safety hazards. Fires, electrocution, and worse can result from neglecting potential problems.

Trust Allyn White Electrical in Brisbane:

If you’re in the Brisbane area (Alderley, Ashgrove, Bardon, Newmarket, Paddington, Stafford, The Gap), choose Allyn White Electrical for a licensed, professional electrician. We understand the inconvenience of power outages in daily life and are here to help.

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Reasons to Schedule an Electrical Inspection:

  1. Safety First:

Regular inspections reduce the risk of major electrical faults, ensuring your home’s safety and preventing minor issues from becoming major problems.

  1. Property Purchase Prep:

Before buying a home or investment property, an electrical inspection is crucial. Identify potential dangers, negotiate prices, and ensure compliance with Australian Standards.

  1. Inspection Process:
  • Check fittings, switches, and power points for safety ensuring that there are no faults and that safety switches are adequate and operating correctly.
  • Look for outdated wiring, and DIY installations.
  • Test and ensure compliance of smoke alarms.
  • Evaluate the electrical switchboard against compliance to Australian Standards.
  • Provide a review of all electrical systems, advising on repairs and potential hazards.
  1. When to Schedule an Inspection:
  • For homes over 25 years old.
  • If your home has old wiring.
  • If any illegal DIY electrical work has been carried out
  • Post-major storms or floods.
  • Regular household electrical maintenance.

Choose Allyn White for Your Electrical Needs:

With over 45 years of experience, Allyn White Electrical is your trusted partner for home electrical maintenance, upgrades, installations, emergency repairs, testing and installing smoke alarms, garden lighting and lighting advice.

Best Brisbane electrician | Allyn White Electrician

Installation, repairs, upgrades, lighting advice for your home and outdoor spaces. No matter what your home electrical maintenance plan calls for, you can trust Allyn White.

Experienced in all aspects of domestic, industrial, commercial and emergency electrical work, Allyn will be able to assist with your electrical needs.

Contact us today at 0416 235 641 for a free quote. We are available during the week and weekends —ensuring your electrical needs are met promptly and professionally.

Our charge out rate remains the same during the week and on weekends and in the case of an electrical emergency. 

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