12 Aug 2021

Winters usually can be long and cold. In Brisbane, even though winter is mostly ‘only’ mild chill during the day, it doesn’t mean that you should let your house stay in the dark. You can enjoy your outdoor patio in the dark winter nights with outdoor lighting, designed by a professional Brisbane Electrician. Here are some reasons you should install outdoor lighting this winter!

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1. It’s Getting Dark Outside!

One reason why you should install outdoor lighting in your garden during winter is that there are more hours of the night during the colder months.

It’s common for people to spend less time outside during the winter because they don’t feel comfortable outside without good lighting. With outdoor lighting, your garden will have the right amount of illumination to encourage you to spend more winter evenings outside.

If it’s too cold outside, your outdoor lights will help your garden feel more alive when you arrive home at night or gaze out your bedroom window at your garden.

You don’t have to worry about walking around in the dark and tripping on anything. With more hours of the night, you will have more time to enjoy your outdoor garden lighting.

2. Avoid Accidents With Outdoor Lighting

Lit up walkways - Installing outdoor lighting in the winter - Allyn White Electrical

Sometimes, the winters can be wet and slippery. Walkways and steps can get covered in water and become a hazard to both you and your loved ones. Adding path lights along walkways and near steps is the best way to avoid taking a spill!

Installing outdoor lights to illuminate your walkways will cast a “path” of light to guide your steps. This allows for both you and others to feel secure walking to and from your home during the dark winter nights.

3. Outdoor Lighting Brings Enjoyment From Inside The House

Even in the summer months, 90% of the time our lighting systems are enjoyed from inside our homes.

When you are inside looking out into your magically lit garden, the idea of it getting dark early doesn’t seem to bother you as it did before. It brings a sense of calm and warmth to you and your family.

4. Getting Outside Sooner

When the weather begins to change and we see spring on the horizon, there is nothing we want more than to start enjoying the warmer weather. Spending an evening by the fire, or having a nice meal outside is just calling our names after hibernating all winter long!

Another benefit of outdoor lighting is that we can start getting outside faster when the weather begins to get warmer. Whether you have bistros, fire pit lighting, or landscape lights, having a lighting system in your outdoor living space allows you to start utilising that space even before the days get long!

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