30 Sep 2021

Should You Upgrade Your Lighting Before Selling Your Home?.
Presenting your property in the most attractive way can improve the value of your asset and also increase the selling price, in this hot market?

Should you consider replacing your home’s lighting before putting it on the market? Is it a worthwhile way to spend your money, or should you invest your time in another repair? Read our article for some helpful hints and tips to ensure you maximise the sale price for your home.

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It is not uncommon for sellers to spend an average of two months on repairs and improvement projects before putting their homes on the market. Take a room-by-room inventory of what needs to be done as you walk through your home. Don’t forget to look at your lighting while you’re noting down the peeling paint or carpet that’s need replacing

Most of us don’t give much thought to the lighting in our homes. However, the type and quality of light in your home can either attract or turn off buyers.

Before you spend money on interior design concepts, seek advice from a professional electrician who can discuss indoor and outdoor lighting improvements that will add value to your home and, who can help you determine what truly needs to be done before putting your home on the market. Should you consider replacing or upgrading your lighting?. Here are some ideas to help and add them to your “to-do” list.


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If your lighting is broken, replace it

Not all prospective buyers will come to your home during the day. Someone will schedule an inspection after work at night. Assume they try to turn on the light in your child’s room and…nothing happens.

Replace any broken or burned-out lightbulbs. If a hallway switch hasn’t worked in years but hasn’t bothered you, it’s time to contact an electrician. These are minor, low-cost repairs that will enhance a buyer’s experience when inspecting your home.

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Modernise a Room by Replacing Fixtures

Tastes and trends change quickly, and what was cutting-edge lighting design five years ago may now appear dated. Replacing fixtures is a low-cost way to modernise a space. Consider how a different feature light fixture could improve the space in rooms like the dining and living rooms, where a chandelier or pendant light can improve the appeal

Add Fixtures to Balance Out a House’s Drawbacks

As Queenslanders, we live in a hot climate but not all homes have air conditioning?
What if there is no way to add central air conditioning? You probably already know that buyers will put this in the “minus” column, but you can offset this by installing a ceiling fan or ceiling fan lights in all major living areas such as the kitchen, living room, bedrooms and dining room. Modern ceiling fans move air much more efficiently and can provide an alternative lightening solution

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Lighting can be used to soften a space

Harsh lighting does not help a space. Replace incandescent bulbs with soft light bulbs, especially in bedrooms. Consider installing recessed lighting and LED downlights in some areas, as it can be a significant selling point. It brightens and adds natural-looking light to a room.

To compensate for a lack of natural light, use lighting in darker, less inviting areas. Replacing or adding windows is an expensive improvement to make in a home that you want to sell, but strategically placed lighting can help present your home in the best light.

Install Lighting Outside

You want buyers to feel welcomed and drawn into your home’s front entry. When thinking about adding or improving lighting in your home, consider the exterior as well.

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Install solar-powered lighting along the path to your front door. It welcomes visitors while also reducing tripping hazards. Consider installing a motion-sensor light above your front door if you don’t already have one.

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Make your lighting more energy-efficient

Consider being energy conscious while replacing fixtures and light bulbs. Lighting consumes 5% of the average household’s energy budget. Older light bulbs emit a lot of heat and are costly to run. Even if you don’t do anything else, consider replacing old light bulbs with newer LEDs that use less energy than traditional incandescent light bulbs.

If you’re debating whether or not to replace your lighting before selling, a professional electrician can advise you on which upgrades are necessary that will have a positive impact and help with your lighting design plan.

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