29 Nov 2023

Living here in Queensland we can experience unpredictable weather such as storms and floods. Be storm-ready with these tips to ensure you and your home stay electrically safe. Here is our storm season electrical safety checklist to keep on hand. 

✨ Preparation is Key: Before a storm or wet season hits:

✔️ Install a safety switch and test it regularly.

✔️ Know where to turn off power, gas, and water in emergencies.

✔️ Pack up unused electrical equipment; store it in a safe place.

✔️ Unplug outside TVs and non-fixed aerials; keep them dry.

✔️ Switch off and unplug electrical devices when a storm is imminent.

✔️ Shut down your solar PV system using the safe isolation procedure.

⚠️ During the Storm or Flood: Follow these simple steps to stay safe:

✅ Listen to your local radio for weather updates.

⚡ Turn off power points; unplug electrical devices if power is lost.

☎️ Avoid using fixed telephones during thunderstorms to prevent electric shock.

✨ Move electrical equipment to higher locations if floods are expected.

⚠️ Stay away from powerlines, trees, and watercourses.

✔️ Clean-Up After the Storm: Post-storm cleanup is crucial for safety:

✅ Listen to local radio for warnings and advice.

⚠️ Report damaged power lines; stay away from them.

⚡ Avoid electrical signs, streetlights, cables, or conductive materials.

✋ Don’t touch damaged switchboards; it’s dangerous. Use a licensed electrician.

✋ Don’t attempt DIY electrical work – it’s illegal and unsafe. Hire a licensed electrician.

☀️ If you have a solar PV system, stay clear during cleanup. Call an electrician to check it for safety.

✖️ Property or Connection Damage:

If your property or connection line is damaged by a storm or flood, you may need verification tests on your switchboard, wiring, equipment and appliances prior to reconnection to ensure the electrical circuits are still working and safe.

✅ Hire a licensed electrician for verification tests before reconnection.

✅ Get a certificate of test for reconnection approval.

✅ Check Queensland Disaster Management for comprehensive storm safety info.

Queensland Disaster management has more information about storm safety and actions to take before, during and after a storm.

☀️ Solar PV Systems: For damaged solar PV systems:

⚠️ Do not attempt to turn off the system after a storm/flood/cyclone.

⛔ Stay away from solar panels and wiring.

⚡ Have an electrician inspect, repair, and ensure safety before re-commissioning.

✖️ Electrical Appliances and Equipment: Using water-damaged equipment can be dangerous:

⚡ Dispose of or have a licensed electrician repair water-affected electrical item.

⚡ Have an electrician check water-damaged hard-wired appliances before reconnecting power.

For more information visit the electrical safety office and click on the link below: https://www.electricalsafety.qld.gov.au/electrical-safety-home/electrical-safety-during-storms

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