25 Mar 2022

When considering staircase lighting, the design of the staircase, construction and desired effects are the key elements to consider, along with finish and texture. A staircase is the central spine of your home, linking spaces and people together. It should be functional as staircase lighting can make a real difference!

Here are some staircase lighting ideas to inspire you for your home.

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In most cases, lighting on staircases isn’t purely a decorative theme, it also serves a very real function in terms of safety. Glare should be avoided, and maintenance considered, whilst using interior lighting to enhance your staircase design.

Lighting Staircases

Staircases are the areas of our homes that are often overlooked when it comes to lighting. While the safety of movement is one consideration, style is the other. The staircase in your home is the primary connection between your spaces downstairs and your bedrooms upstairs. But these high-traffic spaces have a much larger role to play in the overall style and functionality of our homes than we think. Staircases connect people and rooms and so the lighting in these areas should guide you, your family, and guests to their destination safely. The right decorative and functional lighting can make a huge difference in your staircase.

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Let’s explore functionality first. Everyone knows how dangerous stairs can be, especially at night. Not just children, adults too are prone to tripping over poorly lit stairs. The key to safe illumination is contrast. This means creating light and shadows along your stairs to give you a sense of depth and space while navigating this space. This can be achieved by adding strip lights on the treads of the stairs or under the handrail or by installing recessed step lights on every third step

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If your stairs are in darker areas that need to be lit throughout the day, consider energy-efficient lighting options like LEDs. They use less electricity and cost less to run. On top of that, you can add motion sensors to your stairwell lighting so that they turn on only when someone is approaching the stairs.

Now let’s explore some design ideas. You might have your favourite artwork hanging in your stairwell or a beautiful graphic feature wall. Strategically placed wall lights can help show off these important displays while also creating an inspiring ambience as you walk up and down your stairs. These lights also provide additional illumination in your staircase for safe movement.

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If framed artwork isn’t your thing, consider making your lights a work of art themselves! Design a creative pattern with your wall lights by choosing three different sizes and clustering them at different heights or installing them in pairs. When positioning the wall lights, just make sure that when you walk up the stairs, you aren’t staring directly into the bright globes.

There are a range of options besides pendants and downlights, wall lights are also perfect for this space. Consider wall brackets depending on the design of your stairs which throws light upwards and downwards – this effect of light becomes a feature rather than a fixture itself.

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Lighting Voids or Foyers

Having a void or unfilled space in your home is a luxury by itself. Its vast emptiness is an opportunity to showcase a feature piece and make a bold statement. Think glamorous crystal chandeliers or sculptural pendants with large scale and long suspensions that accentuate the height of the ceilings and the sense of spaciousness. A single lighting fixture works here, or you can get creative and cluster pendants of different sizes together.

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Remember, your stairs and void/foyer spaces set the tone for the rest of your home. Include these spaces in your lighting plan right from the start and you can be sure to impress everyone who walks into your home. If your space is a little tricky to light and you feel a little overwhelmed with all the lighting choices available, just reach out to your local electrical contractor for advice on how best to achieve the design and functionality you are after.

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