29 Jun 2022

Choosing the right lighting for your home can seem like a daunting task with so many options available, but if your space needs a fresh new look then pendants, are a great choice. Lighting upgrades can upstyle and add value to your home without you needing to break the bank with a costly renovation. A pendant light can work in almost any space, creating a stunning and stylish look while also providing plenty of lighting.

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What to consider when choosing the right pendant light in each room of your home. Let’s take a look room by room.

Dining Room

No dining room is complete without the right lighting to illuminate your space and provide the perfect ambience for every meal. In the dining room, a single pendant light can create a beautiful statement piece when placed over a dining table. For a bolder look, try placing a cluster of pendants or even a chandelier in your dining room instead.

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Hallways are often overlooked when it comes to designing and decorating your home, so if you want to create the perfect entrance then lighting is a great place to start. With a pendant light, you can introduce a focal point into the space while also illuminating your hallway with the perfect ambient lighting. Try using a chandelier for a luxurious look or add a cluster of pendant lights if your hallway is on the smaller side.

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When placing a pendant light in the kitchen, consider using clusters to evenly distribute the light. This will ensure that you have ample task lighting when cooking and preparing food. Odd numbers work best when using a cluster of pendant lights, as three provides optimal lighting while four would look too cluttered.

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Living Room

Make a bold statement in your living room with a black pendant light, or for a more natural look install a pendant light with timber details and earthy tones. To ensure you have ample task lighting in your space, try swapping a floor lamp for a group of pendants hung at varying heights in the corner of the room. This can also add a touch of drama to the space and allows you to customise the lighting to your needs.

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In the bedroom, it’s important to have task lighting for reading in bed, but ambient lighting is also useful if you want to create a more relaxed vibe. Placing a pendant light on either side of your bed is a great option as it allows you to keep your bedside tables free of clutter. To add some elegance to your morning routine, place a cluster of pendant orbs over the bedside table, making your bedroom a space you’re excited to wake up in.

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Bathrooms are very functional spaces, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t also be stylish. Adding a pendant light into your bathroom can add a splash of glamour while still providing you with plenty of task lighting. Placing pendant lights beside the vanity can help to illuminate the space while you’re getting ready in the morning. If you are after more of a statement piece, try adding a pendant light over the bathtub. Make sure you speak with your electrician before choosing a pendant for your bathroom to ensure it has the correct IP rating (Ingress Protection) and it isn’t going to be placed within the splash zone.

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Pendant lights are a stylish choice when it comes to both ambient and task lighting and are stunning alone or clustered together. When it comes to ceiling lights, pendant lights are the most popular choice as they can be both decorative and functional lights at the same time.

For lighting advice contact a licensed electrician and only have your lights professionally installed by a licensed electrician.

Contact a Licensed Electrician in Brisbane for Your Home Electrical Maintenance, Repairs, Installations, and Lighting advice.

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