08 Jan 2021
Kitchen design trends, not unlike fashion trends, come and go every year. And just like some of the more everlasting ones, some stay longer than the others.

The only problem is that changing a kitchen is not as inexpensive as changing into a dress that’s “in”.

This is because a lot is at stake here. Kitchen remodelling is an expensive project and any decision related to incorporating the latest trends has to be taken very carefully. Nobody has the money to change the kitchen every day, after all. So, you have to super careful with your choices so that the final design lasts for a good ten years or so.

But what’s so great about white kitchen cabinets, anyway?

Since the kitchen is the chief attraction of any residence, homeowners try to improve it in all imaginable ways, beautifying kitchen interiors and augmenting its functionality. And white kitchens nowadays are an evolving aspect of design.

White’s simple, yet, stunning beauty represents happiness, purity, and tranquillity. Colour therapists highly recommend having an all-white space in the house to feel inspired and refreshed. Why shouldn’t it be a kitchen?

Airy and Spacious

White kitchen renovation Bardon, Brisbane

Along with white cabinets come a handful of buzz-words, two of which are “airy and spacious.” This is due to the way our eyes perceive things. Dark colours are reminiscent of enclosed spaces, night time, or cloud cover; lighter colours are found outside, in sunshine and nature. Thus, after tens of thousands of years, human brains connect light and bright colours with airy and spacious surroundings.

This kitchen, for example, was refaced with Antique White in a Walnut Glaze. It’s an excellent example of how white cabinetry makes a small kitchen feel larger, but even homeowners with medium to large kitchens value this quality.

White Kicthens Go With Absolutely Everything

When we say a “white kitchen” we don’t mean that absolutely everything has to be white.

White kitchen renovation Bardon, Brisbane

The beauty of having white as a base colour is that it’s a blank canvas for you to add pops of colour, texture and personality. These can include feature walls, a backsplash, brightly-coloured bar stools, colourful utensils or shiny copper pots. Wood floors are a good idea to add some sophistication to an all-white kitchen. Likewise, the veins of real granite or marble countertops will definitely bring a degree of elegance to otherwise dull surfaces. Stainless steel appliances coupled with metal cabinet handles is another way to add some diversity to a white kitchen.

White is such a versatile colour that if in a few years’ time you feel like a change, you’ve always got a timeless canvas to work from.

White is Timeless

When it gets right down to it, white cabinets are timeless. They have been a top trend for years, and even decades. This is important because designing a timeless kitchen means you only have to remodel once or twice in a home’s lifetime.

White Kitchens Make Us Feel Happy and Relaxed

There are plenty of emotional reasons, as well as practical ones, why white is a great kitchen colour.

In terms of psychology, we tend to associate white with purity and cleanliness—both of which are qualities we’re likely to look for where food is being prepared. Colour therapists also suggest that white is strengthening, calming, nurturing and that it awakens creativity—perfect for inspiring new recipes!

Yet, as we said before, we don’t mean it has to be all white! You don’t want it to feel cold and clinical, especially if you’re introducing accents of stainless steel (nobody wants a kitchen that feels like an operating theatre). If you use white as your base, however, you can easily introduce warmer colours and textures. Wooden furnishings or coloured walls or tiles will help you add warmth to the space. You can also add elements such as flowers and fresh vegetables to create a welcoming feel that puts guests at ease. If you have white kitchen cabinets, for example, the unique texture and patterns found in real wood or natural stone can offset it without being too intrusive.

Potential Buyers Will Like It

When it comes to selling your home, the safest bet is to go for white. After all, if you buy a ‘trendy’ property from the 70s then that avocado enamel and dark wood panelling are probably going to be the first thing you rip out. It’s therefore likely to impact what you want to pay for the property. For a timeless kitchen design, white is the way to go.

Whatever the style you want to remodel your kitchen, the white colour is always a unique and interesting approach to make the basic space of your house even more beautiful and trendy. White and its shadows can implement the most intense palette. Such a kitchen will easily stand the test of time and will never go out of fashion while bringing a lot of positive emotions to the homeowners and their guests.


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