21 Jan 2021
An electrician checking on an electrical switchboard. Never DIY your electrical work. Contact a licensed electrical contractor in Bardon and surrounds (Alderley, Ashgrove, Enoggera, Paddington, The Gap) like Allyn White Electrical for all of your electrical problems.

With how advanced technologies these days, it’s easy for us to find a DIY video online, including DIY videos on how to fix electricity problems at your house. But tinkering with cables can be dangerous if done by an amateur. This is when a licensed electrical contractor or a professional electrician in Brisbane can help you.


As an electrical contractor, Allyn White Electrical does all kinds of industrial and commercial electrical installations and repairs as well as home electrical services and emergency electrical repairs in Brisbane (Alderley, Ashgrove, Bardon, Enoggera, Paddington, The Gap). We are a small family-owned and run business with over 40+ years’ experience so please call us on 041 6235 641. We are here to help.

Whether you are looking to repair your existing electrical wiring, or you want to give electrical supply to a new house, it’s never advisable to carry out any electrical jobs on your own. You should always remember that electricity handling is a specialised industry, and requires specialised personnel.

Professional electrical contractors offer you quality commercial and residential electrical installation, repair and maintenance services.

Is it Worth Saving a Bit of Time and Money?

You might think that skimping on professional workmanship will save you a couple of bucks (and a little bit of time), but you can’t be so sure when it comes to electricity. Its unpredictable nature means it should only ever be attended to by a licensed and qualified tradesman.

Something so seemingly simple as a flickering light or tripping safety switch is still likely to be beyond your abilities, and the damage from unqualified electrical work can cost you more than you would have invested in the first place.

Reasons Why You Should NEVER DIY Your Electrical Work

Electric shocks and high voltage electrical injuries can lead to death. It’s that simple. The temptation to DIY your electrical problems to save money is just not worth the risk when you can ensure everyone’s safety with work from a professional.

Electrical work can be complicated and is always best left to the professionals to avoid some of the following risks:

It’s Illegal to Do Your Own Electrical Work in Queensland

In Queensland, electrical safety inspectors investigate and prosecute unlicensed work.

Aside from being illegal, people who perform unlicensed and DIY electrical work risk contact with electricity, which can have deadly consequences for them as well as for the users or anyone else who comes into contact with the electrical installation or equipment which may accidentally be left in an unsafe state. This danger may not be immediately apparent and often only becomes evident in a fault situation, or may even develop over time.

Major property damage from an electrical fire is also a risk and if it was the result of illegal electrical work, your insurer may refuse the claim.

No Training or Licence

Qualified electricians have the proper training and licences that not only make sure they are safe throughout the repairs, but all occupants are as well. If you are not a licensed electrician, any repairs you make may land you in trouble. Professional electricians will likely save you time while lowering the risks present when dealing with electricity.

DIY Electrical Work Has Hidden Dangers

Many electrical components sit within the walls of your home, of which the exact schematics may not be known to you. There may be a range of hidden connections that, if disturbed, can cause potential dangers and the possibility of surprise electric shocks. Professional electricians ensure that cables are installed in safe locations to avoid accidents.

Fire Hazards

Electrical faults from defective repairs can lead to house fires. Your DIY knowledge level can create a risk of significant damage if your repair fails to meet the set standards. DIY electrical repairs can easily mean faulty or exposed cabling, which can lead to a short circuit and potential electrical fire.


When handling your own electrical repairs, you are at a high risk of electrical shock. In some instances, electric shock can be mild, but a high voltage shock can lead to significant injury or death. Appliances such as ovens have a higher level of voltage, and a slight mistake when working on these implements can lead to fatal electrocution.

More Significant Costs in the Future

If you are not a qualified electrician, small mistakes or quick fixes can lead to other, more expensive problems down the track. Electrical mistakes often have future implications, and most DIY projects involve trial-and-error, which, when it comes to electrical work, can be hazardous. A lack of understanding of your electrical circuits can lead to disastrous situations that will have you calling a professional anyway.

Contact Allyn White Electrical, a professional electrician in Brisbane.

Even if you think you’ve done the job right, you still can’t be sure of any safety implications down the road.

And you can bet your light bulb that in the case that something does go wrong, insurance won’t help you if there’s evidence of illegal electrical work (the same also goes for plumbers!)

When in doubt, call the professionals. DIY electrical work is not worth it! Only trust a licensed, qualified, experienced local electrician like Allyn White in Brisbane.

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