28 Jan 2021

Safety Switches – Prevent potential electric shocks. Ensure that you have sufficient safety switch protection for your home or office.

Regardless of whether you own or rent, you should consider having safety switches installed on all circuits.

Safety switches protect you, your family and anyone visiting the property from electric shock.

The risk is real. One safety switch may not be enough.

The problem with this is that it doesn’t fully protect residents from potentially deadly electrical shocks in the home. If the faulty, damaged or tampered with appliance or fitting is not plugged into a power point connected to the safety switch you can still get an electric shock. Surprisingly, there are many parts of your home’s electrical system which this applies to, for instance, the:

• hot water system
• lights
• air conditioning unit
• electric oven
• electric cooktop
• pool filter equipment
• spa or hot tub

The Electrical Safety Office has recently launched a campaign to encourage the fitting of safety switches to each and every circuit in your home. A move which will protect residents from electrical accidents occurring with home appliances like the ones listed above, as well as any wiring faults.

If you are unsure, call a professional electrician in Brisbane to see if your home is safe.


As an electrical contractor, Allyn White Electrical does all kinds of industrial and commercial electrical installations and repairs as well as home electrical services and emergency electrical repairs in Brisbane (Alderley, Ashgrove, Bardon, Enoggera, Paddington, The Gap). We are a small family-owned and run business with over 40+ years’ experience so please call us on 041 6235 641. We are here to help.

source: fallonsolutions.com.au

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