19 Apr 2023

Did you know that the quickest way to pull off a complete garage renovation is simply by changing the light fittings?

Don’t let your garage lighting be an afterthought. Smartly placed and stylishly chosen garage lighting fittings can maximise function as well as interior and exterior design


If you’re searching for the best-licensed electrician in the Brisbane area and surrounds (Alderley, Ashgrove, Bardon, Newmarket, Paddington, Stafford, The Gap), look no further than Allyn White Electrical.

Garage lighting can work wonders to help provide safe passage from outside to inside and highlight your landscape features as well as improve usability for amenities such as workspaces, a home gym and storage.

Whether you use it for parking your car, or as a workshop, or a storage hub, or all the above, you need good lighting in your garage. Generally, garages tend to be poorly lit, which makes them difficult to navigate, causing eye strain if utilising workspaces and leaving you vulnerable to falls and injuries.

Above lighting

Here are some ideas to better illuminate your garage space to give it a boost and improve the overall safety and visibility.

Consider Installing Under Cabinet LED Lighting

Plenty of garages is where storage cabinets, tool boxes, and workbenches are placed. If you have cabinets or overhead shelving, it can block the lighting you need to make the most of your work area in your garage.

A workaround for inadequate lighting is to have under-cabinet LED lighting installed There are many types of under-cabinet light fittings available one example is using LED strip lighting.

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Don’t Just Stop At Overhead Lighting

Artificial lighting falls into one of three categories—ambient, task, and accent—and ideally your garage should have all forms.

– Ambient lighting is soft overhead light used to illuminate the floors and walls so you can safely walk around and park your car.
– Task lighting is brighter, intended for work and storage areas to lend increased visibility during detail-oriented projects and organisational tasks.
– Accent lighting, in between ambient and task lighting in brightness, shines on showpieces you want to emphasise, like a wine cellar rack or an old trophy collection.

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Because the garage tends to be a multi-use space, it’s best to layer illumination so you’ll have the right light for parking, craftwork, storage, and display.

Consider High Bay Lights To Provide Bright Task Lights

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Along with fluorescent lights, high bay lights can be a good option, particularly for garages and commercial workshops that have high, exposed ceilings.

Remember To Light The Outside Of Your Garage

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The interior of your garage isn’t the only area that can benefit from having improved lighting. Exterior garage lighting can be helpful in several ways—from providing help with parking in the garage for safer night-time entry to added home security.

There are even more options and styles available when you want to add exterior lights to your garage, whether you want a matching pair of stylish sconces or motion-detecting sensor lights, here at Allyn White Electrical we can help with your interior and exterior garage lighting plan, from design to supply and installation for your home or commercial premises.

Allyn White Electrical has 45 years experience in providing advice and serving customers advising on practical design solutions right through to installation and completion of the job.

Contact a Licensed Electrician in Brisbane for Your Home Electrical Maintenance, Repairs and Installations

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