02 Nov 2023
Ceiling Fan

With our hot summer months approaching, we tend to spend a lot more time outdoors with our families and friends. So, it’s important that we feel refreshed and cool on extremely hot days. Outdoor ceiling fans add style and make living outdoors so much more enjoyable and allow us to better utilise our outdoor spaces. 

outdoor ceiling fan

Adding ceiling fans to your outdoor spaces also increases the value and aesthetic of your home’s outdoor living spaces. There are many  customisation options to add style.

Here are some excellent reasons to invest in an outdoor ceiling fan that improves your lifestyle and comfort without breaking the bank.

Fun Fact: Did you know there’s a difference between indoor and outdoor ceiling fans? Both are inexpensive and circulate airflow for a pleasant breeze especially during our hot summer months. Outdoor ceiling fans are specifically designed and manufactured to deal with more exposure to the elements for your patio, balcony, verandah, or other outdoor spaces. Better still, these days, they’re made in a range of sizes, styles, colours combined with stronger materials that can cope with the wind, rain, mist and extremes of cold and heat.

Outdoor ceiling fans are so much sturdier and keep you cool

Alfresco fans are specially designed to be able to cope with the specific demands of an outdoor space that is more exposed to the harshness of the weather. That especially includes moisture, dampness and humidity, and some outdoor ceiling fans are rated for full-on rain – without worrying about corrosion or electrical issues.

Outdoor ceiling fans help to keep the bugs away

The number one  concern our customers have about their outdoor space is that bugs and mosquitoes become too much at a certain time of the day. The wind that the fan creates makes it difficult for bugs and insects to fly through. The cooling effect and the way the air is circulated with either downward or upward pressure make it much more difficult for flying insects to keep buzzing around. Fewer bugs mean more relaxation for everyone. 

outdoor ceiling fan

Outdoor Cooling – save money and keep you cool

An outdoor ceiling fan is effective for a wind-chill effect. In a counterclockwise direction, cool air is pushed downwards – and when clockwise, the updraft recirculates the warmer air downwards.

Enhance your outdoor spaces and add more style!

When it gets hot, it really does get hot! you’re less likely to use your outdoor spaces –With adding an outdoor ceiling fan, you can make spending time outside just that little bit cooler and breezier.

Outdoor ceiling fans come in a range of styles, materials, and colours which adds value and style to your home and outdoor spaces. 

Add additional lighting to brighten things up – utilise your outdoor spaces day and night!

Adding an outdoor ceiling fan can also give you additional lighting to help increase visibility and usability of your outdoor spaces at night while entertaining family and friends.

Did you know outside fans can come with lighting features too? Better still, you can customise the kind and intensity of the light as well to create the outdoor atmosphere that best suits your lifestyle.

Styling Ideas

Look at the design of your outdoor spaces, as well as the effect you want to create.  Some fans have built-in lights, the light can be operated independently so the fan can remain off, even when the light is on.

Stay cool this summer with expert Ceiling Fan Installation. Discover sizing, positioning, and styling tips for efficient and cost-effective cooling. Contact us for a professional installation today! 

Always work with a professional!

To ensure that your ceiling fan or fans are properly installed, always hire a licensed electrician. Having a professional install your fan also ensures that your warranty is not voided. Our popular ceiling fan installation services include supply and install or install only as well as servicing, repairs and advice.

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