20 Oct 2023

Outdoor Lighting Ideas for your outdoor spaces this Summer!

Warm summer months are coming our way and you will want to spend as much time as possible outdoors. To do that, you will need lighting. A well-lit backyard offers a warm and inviting place for your family and friends. Not only does outdoor lighting extend your living space, but it can also offer safety and security benefits.There are a range of affordable options that you can add to your outdoor spaces. If you are looking for a more permanent lighting solution here are a couple of our customers favourite choice picks for outdoor lighting as well as some benefits in adding outdoor lighting.

Take a look at our customers picks below:


Uplighting is a permanent lighting solution that highlights some of your home’s features. Rather than shining light down, uplighting shines light up. Uplighting is usually installed on the side of your home to highlight sconces or balconies but it is also used on the ground (or deck) to highlight trees, water features, garden spaces and pools.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are extremely versatile and not just for the indoors. Pendant lights can also be used in your outdoor spaces, for example outdoor seating areas, outdoor kitchen and pergola areas to create a cosy feel and to illuminate your outdoor spaces.

Highlight The External Appearance of Your Home

The obvious benefit of lighting up your outdoors is to enhance your home’s look and street appeal. With proper positioning, your outdoor lights can make a real difference and showcase your home’s best architectural features. You can also use outdoor and security lighting for your home or for your commercial premises.

Using lights throughout your garden will enhance your outdoor living spaces. Outdoor lights can be used overhead on decks, and verandahs, incorporated into railings or posts on external staircases, or placed in the ground, the options are endless.

Light Up Your Outdoor Living Space

The living room is not the only place in our home where you spend quality time with friends and family. As we know, we all love to spend time in our outdoor spaces, either in our backyard or relaxing on our back deck while entertaining. Outdoor lighting adds illumination to your outdoor spaces making them usable at night and also increases your home security giving you peace of mind.

Outdoor lights come in a variety of shapes and designs, from decorative to functional to improved security, you can’t go wrong with outdoor lighting!

Increase Safety and Security

Not only is outdoor lighting beautiful, but it is also an excellent way to make your home a safer place to live.

A well-lit backyard means you don’t have to grope about in the dark when driving home late at night. Quality light fittings will guide you at night which helps prevent injuries, so no nasty falls, you can see where you are going. It also makes your home less inviting to potential intruders, since there are no shadows or dark spots to provide them with cover.

Consider installing outdoor lighting in high-traffic areas like patios, decks, around the pool, outdoor seating areas, walkways and driveways.

Enhanced Home Value

Professional outdoor and landscape lighting adds value in more ways than one. It can highlight design elements or make an area appear larger. It adds style and increases usability to in-demand outdoor living spaces after dark and of course, adds security to your home. One of the easiest, most affordable ways to increase property value is to boost your street appeal with an entryway, or driveway and or garden landscaping with a lighting upgrade.

Enjoy Your Backyard

Above all else, good lighting makes every step outside even better. There’s no greater place than your own backyard to relax and entertain and also provides an inviting way for you to reach the front door, a well-lit exterior sets the tone for any home.

Have a Licensed Electrician Installing Your Garden Lighting

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